Permanent Fixed Teeth in 3 Days With Basal Dental Implants

What does the procedure entail?

The 3-day teeth fixing with Basal Dental Implants follow the following step by step procedure that sees it achieving its effectiveness.

• The 1st Day: This is when if required the bad tooth or mobile teeth are aesthetically removed and immediately placed basal implants in under a 1-hour surgical procedure. The jaw and tooth dimensions are also taken to help in designing the Crown or Bridge. A temporary acrylic made bridge is prepared on this similar visit to reduce the time and accomplish much at once.

• The 2nd day visit: This is when tests are done on one’s check the fitting of a prosthesis. Zirconia is one of the best choices used and together or for PFM metal trial need a prior coping ability to prevent an afterward complication.

• The 3rd day visit: This is the last day of the procedure, where permanent fixing of the tooth or teeth happens. They also do tooth alignment at this last visit by use of a bite card to ensure that they have fixed all the dental issues that come with implants.

What are the benefits?

• The first benefit is that the procedure is quick and painless, only taking three days to fix your teeth permanently.

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• A lot of people fear sutures and grafting of bones especially. This cannot worry you as this procedure does not involve any of that even the sinuses are left undisturbed as lifting them would cause some amount of pain.

• The healing time is quick, and the risk of infection is close to nil as long as you follow the post-operative management guidelines given by the doctor.

• The procedure comes at a fair cost, and it depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. This is a significant benefit as it is affordable to those in need of an excellent dental fixture.

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